Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Brief History

Year By Year

1979 - Born in PG County Hospital outside of DC.
1980 - Milk allergy discovered, much vomit.
1981 - My oldest memory is from this year: the neighbor's dog is a dalmation.
1982 - I slide down a banister mocking a cartoon character, brother Alexander is born, moved to Virginia.
1983 - "Thriller" is released. I now enjoy music.
1984 - I'm sure something noteworthy occurred, but I'm at a loss.
1985 - I discover Transformers, start school, begin lifetime of raised eyebrows over milk allergy.
1986 - Maybe I'll be a paleoentologist. or play Atari 7800.
1987 - Group photo of my soccer team is all smiles, except myself. I appear to be yelling at someone off to the left.
1988 - The Great Divide. Relocated to Delaware. Robert Korwek begins term as permanent best friend.
1989 - another hazy year without major transistions.
1990 - I have acces to Cable television for the first time.
1991 - Declaration: I am 2 Legit 2 Quit
1992 - In a single year I discover Guns N Roses, Queen, and Metallica. I become determined to learn an instrument.
1993 - Middle School. Robbie, Doug, Ray, and myself form the a crew that would expand and stick together for years.
1994 - I stepped on a bee. then a week later stepped on another bee with the other foot. Shoes to be worn at all times.
1995 - I'm old enough to drive. I refuse.
1996 - Learn to play bass and guitar.
1997 - I might be cool. I honestly don't know.
1998 - Writing becomes my greatest creative outlet. I give up most school work to focus on writing.
1999 - Ohhh! the INTERNET! I own my first iMac
2000 - College blows.
2001 - Broadcasting School Blows. I'm ready to admit now I was a terrible air personality and thats why I don't work in radio today.
2002 - I think things are going good. I'm living at home, but I'm comfortable. Robbie and I go out for some drinks.
2003 - Relocated to Madison. The summer of good times gives way to winter, which is also good but cold.
2004 - I start and quit 5 jobs and meet Brigid. Lay the groundwork for internet short subject videos.
2005 - Brigid overlooks my insecurity and agrees to marry me.
2006 - Lots of videos. I pen my memoirs, get bored.